Artist: Brotherhood
Album: The Dark EP
Release: 2013
Genre: Goth

We’ll get the obvious things out the way first: yes, they are called Brotherhood, and their first album takes its name from a Sisters lyric (“Turn The Gold To Chrome”). But we all know the dangers of judging before listening, so here we go!

To be fair to them, Brotherhood have some real potential. Whilst I wasn’t 100% taken on my first listen, after nine or ten repeats, I was actually quite enjoying listening out and finding the subtleties in this EP.
Sure, the lyrics CAN sound a bit forced at times, but this is goth after all!

Standout tracks are definitely “A Heartbeat Away” and “Dead Inside”. The former I can only criticise for not being longer, but the latter is where the band have perfected their atmosphere – the production is top-notch, and you will find yourself (as I did) chanting along to the ending.

To the listener – Try this EP. It may take a few listens, but you will enjoy it.
To the band – Avoid any more Sisters references, get the production from 99% to 100% and you will have a bright (dark?) future ahead!

The Dark EP is released on afmusic on 13th September 2013

Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended Tracks: A Heartbeat Away, Dead Inside
Reviewer: DJ Catnip (original review published in Vanitas #004)