Artist: Ajello
Album: Do The Job (Vol. 2)
Release: March 2010
Genre: Disco, italo, electro

Way-back-not-so-way-back-when, I purchased this EP of serious boogie beats wrapped in serious disco re-edits.
I am especially fond of track B2, “Bronze Planet”, an edit of a track called “Silver Planet”. Sounding like Marc Cerrone playing drums over Paul Parker and Patrick Cowley’s “Right On Target”, “Bronze Planet” takes a marching journey through a now classic disco theme.
On the other side of the record: track A1 – Tito’s “Mirage”, is a cracked-out and spacey electro tune. Italian disco is weird, but this the track is downright terrifyingly electronic. I am not familiar with the original track, but Mirage sound like they were influenced by Kraftwerk and four months paid holiday a year.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewer: DJ Pasta (original review published in Vanitas #001)