Artist: Madame Bovary
Single: Be My Friend (In Spite Of All)
Release: Unknown (1990?)
Genre: New Wave, minimal

This is a lovely rarity to discover, and one of the first tracks I heard to convince me that Danse Macabre needed more New Wave representation.
Madame Bovary are a French trio, brothers Jean-Philippe and Pascal Alzieu, and Christophe Boulet, who released this single and two albums. Other than that the Alzieu brothers later released a handful of impossible-to-find acid house singles, there is very little information about their work.

Their albums have a much more electronic and polished feel, but this single is raw new wave, through and through. Both sides have a similar sound: familiar minimal drums, scruffy pad-sound keyboards, and broken English lyrics that straddle the boundary between disaffected and disheartened.
Don’t expect to find a copy of it any time soon, though. Most copies online, if they ever surface, go for at least £40!

Rating: 9/10
Reviewer: DJ Catnip (original review published in Vanitas #001)