Music Policy

This policy is reviewed on a yearly basis, and is printed out and displayed at all DM events.

  1. You must put money into the Shelter tin before making a request. It doesn’t mean we’ll play it, but Shelter deserve your money.

  2. We play goth, post-punk, synthpop, disco, italo, and the odd 80s pop track when we’ve had enough rum.
    If you want to hear industrial, we recommend Stigmata and Asylum as alternative nights.
    If you want to hear rock/metal, you’re out of luck. Just try and dance anyway.

  3. Johnny Marr’s guitar skills do not make up for Morrissey being a prick. Ergo we will not play The Smiths (unless you donate over £25 to Shelter, and even then you’re only getting “Panic”).

    2017 Update: He’s still a prick, but now a victim-blaming prick.
    It’s now £30 to Shelter, £30 to Rape Crisis Scotland, for “Panic” only.

  4. There are more Joy Division tracks than Love Will Tear Us Apart.
    There are more Cure tracks than Love Cats and Boys Don’t Cry.
    There are more tolerable bands than The Sisters of Mercy.

  5. It’s a goth disco clubnight.
    If you’re taking it seriously, we feel sorry for you.
    If you’re not, we’ll take two snakebite and blacks.

  6. Nice boots.