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DM 2024

Hello Spook Squad!

It’s been a while. We’re still mourning the loss of Bonjour. However, we’ve spent a bit of time getting ourselves back together and have decided that DM will continue, but for now we’re not going to look for a specific venue. Instead, we’re going to try a few different options and see what works.

While we can’t give you exact dates tonight: we have three guest slots and a DM date to announce within the next couple of weeks. Exciting times.

Love, K+C

DM 2023 dates

And we’re still going strong! Our dates for this year (tentatively) are as follows:

  • 18th February
  • 15th April
  • 17th June
  • 19th August (potentially to be shifted, keep an eye out!)
  • 21st October – 13th Birthday
  • 16th December

Thank you as always for another year of amazing nights. We’re still on at Bloc+ doing Heartbreak Beat on the second Friday of every month and live on Twitch for a less club-heavy monthly set on the first Saturday.

DM 2022 Dates!

It was a hell of a night last DM, and following it up this month with a set alongside our pals at NULL/VOID was a real treat.

We’ll be back to do Danse Macabre in Bonjour every two months! So the dates for the rest of the year are:

  • Saturday 23rd April
  • Saturday 18th June
  • Saturday 20th August
  • Saturday 15th October – 12th Birthday!
  • Saturday 17th December

Of course, our sister night Heartbreak Beat and the livestreams on Twitch are still on monthly, for your enjoyment. And we really appreciate every one of you who comes along, thank you so much!

Say Bonjour, Wave Goodbye

After having had to postpone our events due to Scottish Government guidance, we’re tentatively back in action from February!

We’ll be back in Bloc+ for our regular Heartbreak Beat on the 11th, and then off to our new friends’ at Bonjour for Danse Macabre on the 12th!

We will be charging entry again, but if you’re unwaged you can get in free, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. And if you don’t want to carry cash, you can pay in advance right here!

See you there. <3

December Updates

The Bad News:

Due to a management decision at Broadcast, we and several other clubs could no longer be offered Friday or Saturday nights for the foreseeable.

Given we (and most of our regulars) work full time, we reluctantly had to decline the offer of a Thursday or Sunday, so for now that’s the end of our tenure in Broadcast.

We’re sure we’ll be back playing in Broadcast again at some point, and want to put on record how much we love all the bar staff, security, tech staff, and bookers we’ve worked with there who have treated us and our crowd with love, respect, and kindness for the past few years.

The Good News:

We have been in conversations with a new venue and hope to have it confirmed ready for January. And ahead of that we’re doing the following nights in December: