Twinmachine – Tomorrow That Never Was

Artist: Twinmachine
Album: Tomorrow That Never Was
Release: 5th April 2013
Genre: Post-punk, goth

This is the debut album by Russian post-punks Twinmachine, but you’d think by the sounds of it that they’ve been going since the 80s!
Sounding like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry with Ian Astbury on vocals, this is goth at its most relentless and upbeat. Tracks like “Paranoia” and “Colder Than Hell” promise to be goth club anthems, but the shining gem is the slower “Nostalgia Dreams”, which would not be out of place in any hairspray-laden 80s film.

This album is a mere half-hour long, but there really isn’t a weak track on it. Even if they never put out another note, Twinmachine can be proud of having made an utterly superb album. They deserve to be huge.

Twinmachine’s album “Tomorrow That Never Was” is out now on afmusic, and can be listened to and purchased on their Bandcamp.

Rating: 9/10
Recommended Tracks: “Nostalgia Dreams”, “Paranoia”, pretty much the entire thing.
Reviewer: DJ Catnip (originally published in Vanitas #002)

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