General Policy


Danse Macabre is and always will be a clubnight for the broad goth and alternative community, but we wholeheartedly welcome anyone who just wants to come and have a good time with us.

We are fiercely inclusive of all sexes, genders, sexualities, races, ages, disabilities, and cultures. We will not now or ever permit abusive behaviour or individuals at our events – that we even have to spell this out is quite unfortunate in this day and age.

Our crowd are beautiful. We have some who are 18 and some in their 60s. Some queer and some not. Some who dance all night and some who just want to sit with their friends and enjoy the ambience.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable, harassed, or in danger, should immediately come to the DJ booth, and a member of venue staff or security will be called if required.


We are currently based in BROADCAST in Glasgow. The venue is a basement which unfortunately is accessible only by a spiral staircase – those who need assistance in accessing are advised to contact the venue directly and speak to door staff on the night.

There are two gender-neutral toilets and seating in the basement.

We try to keep the music at a reasonable level, but we can provide earplugs on request. We will probably go a little overboard on the smoke machine, that’s the one thing we won’t be changing any time soon!

Anyone who wishes to get in touch with any questions can do so via the Contact Us page, or by messaging us on Facebook.