Heartbreak Beat

Whilst we prepare for new adventures in 2015, DJ Catnip is now playing a fortnightly goth/disco radio show on Subcity Radio, called Heartbreak Beat, playing new and exciting dark music, as well as all the non-dancefloor-friendly stuff that even we couldn’t get away with!

Give it a listen, get in the mood for a danse, and we’ll be back next year!

Danse Macabre on hiatus

Unfortunately, last week’s Danse Macabre has turned out to be our last monthly night at The Classic Grand. It wasn’t a pleasant decision to make, but we felt the club could no longer feasibly continue.
Next month would have been our fourth birthday, and to have been playing such a bizarre mix of music for four years (“who the hell would go to a goth disco night?”) has been nothing but a pleasure. We hope we introduced some interesting music to some interesting people.

All being well, you can still catch us doing guest slots at Asylum and elsewhere, and we did promise one zine for later this year. We won’t be gone forever, there are still more daft records in our collections that you need to hear.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gigs, helped us PR, guest DJed with us, bought us drinks, sent us records, supported us, and most of all to everyone who just came along and danced in a sea of smoke and lights. You were all stars.

All our Modern Love,
Team DM

Summer of Sin

Hello darklings!

This Thursday, we will be joined by none other than Dublin’s finest goth, and DM fan of yore – DJ SIREN (Dominion, Revolution), playing a set of whatever she fancies.

Next month, you can also catch our old friend DJ EFFIGY (Cryotec) behind the decks with us, expect a delightfully 80s twist to the night, even more so than usual!

But just as exciting, we’re proud to announce the fantastic RHOMBUS and DEAD EYES OPENED will be playing for us on Saturday 28th June. e-tickets are only £4, available from our website and from Skiddle. What’s more, ticketholders get in free to Danse Macabre both this month and next! Lovely.

Team DM