DJ Pasta

DJ Pasta collects interesting sounds on old wax. Brought up on classic rock and electronic music, he spends far too much time behind turntables and computers, or digging in crates of records looking for new and weird sounds.

He likes vodka & Monster, Bellhaven, Guinness and Weston’s.

DJ Catnip

DJ Catnip cut his teeth DJing at the Queen Margaret Union before setting up Danse Macabre.
Since then, he has played sets at Cryotec, Lock Up Your Daughters, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow School of Art, ABC, The Classic Grand, Ivory Black’s and various one-off events around Glasgow and Edinburgh.

He likes real ales, cider & black, rum, absinthe and mead. He also likes goth tracks with prominent basslines and vocal italo tracks with that synth sound.